Big news

The most requested new feature of all time* has been implemented – the option to have chores repel each other – if someone is assigned a chore then certain other chores will not be assigned to them on the same day. For example, if someone is cooking dinner they won’t also be assigned to wash dishes.

It works like this:
When editing a chore, simply select which chores are ‘repelled’ away from it. The effect goes both ways – you can have ‘cook dinner’ repel ‘wash dishes’ and those chores will repel each other – you don’t need to also edit ‘wash dishes’ and set it to repel ‘cook dinner’.

The repel effect overrides the default method of sharing out chores that uses the Intensity of chores to keep track of how much work is done. However each person’s running total of work is still tracked so if the repel causes someone to have done less work that day then they will need to do more work in the future to compensate. If you have many chores repeling each other and some people excluded from those chores then it could cause some people to fall significantly behind, leading to them getting all available chores on certain days and other unpredictable behaviour. It will be best to use the repel feature sparingly and for the most part let ChoreBuster use the Intensity to share out chores fairly.

Until the recent rebuild it was relatively difficult to add new features such as this but with the rebuild out of the way there will be a much more frequent series of improvements.

This is quite a big change and there will probably be new bugs as a result. If you notice anything that looks wrong please let us know.

* In the previous version of ChoreBuster there was an area where people could suggest new features and vote for features they wanted. This feature was easily the highest voted.