Ta daaa

After months of work, a modern version of ChoreBuster is live! It has been completely rebuilt using a new language and is compatible with current web browsers and devices.

Few new features have been added yet as the focus has been on recreating the old system and importing the old data. However now that the redevelopment is complete there is a much better foundation to build new features upon and so improvements are much more likely.

The previous version ChoreBuster operated on a ‘freemium’ model where basic features were free to use but to make the most of it required a small donation. The current version of ChoreBuster gives access to all features completely free although this is likely to change soon, either back to a freemium + donation model or a trial + subscription model. Either of those requires a bit of work to set up and won’t be attempted until the dust settles on this launch.

If you notice any problems or want to give feedback, please do so by filling in the contact us form. Thank you!