Rotating chores evenly

A fundamental idea behind ChoreBuster is that the amount of work involved in a chore is more important for determining fairness than the number of chores someone does. Mowing the lawn is different than feeding the pet so someone should need to do a few pet-feeding chores to be equal to someone else who spent an hour working in the sun.

Fixated on this, I ignored many requests from people for some way to rotate chores between people – simply assign it to one person, then the next person, then another, until everyone has done the chore, then start with the first person again. It seemed as if what those people really wanted was a physical chore wheel and it would be difficult to incorporate that smoothly into ChoreBuster.

The good news is that a way has been found to incorporate this functionality into ChoreBuster without watering down the original vision or significant changes to the user interface. It turned out to be fairly simple:

Simply set the Intensity of the chore to be “Rotate between people”. Be careful with the Start Date as the first person in the schedule will be the first person to get the new chore on that day. As chores like this have no value associated with them someone doing this chore will not reduce the number of other chores they need to do, but over time everyone will have their turn at doing it so overall fairness will result.

Hopefully you find this useful. It is always a bit difficult to test all the possible ways different types of chores can fit together so there may be unpredictable results. So if you see anything that looks wrong, let us know!